"Beauty....the promise of function." -- Horatio Greenough

Our design philosophy is to embrace Beauty- " the quality attributed to that which pleases or satisfies in certain ways, as by line, color, form, texture proportion, rhythm, tone, or by behavior and attitude."

Beauty can be viewed in all things of this universe, but in architecture in particular, we strive to create this quality, utilizing the specific site and interpreting the clients program utilizing the tools of form, proportion, light, rhythm, texture, materials, and of course, a sense of place.

Form…..delineates volumes, looking for the hierarchy of parts, instead of just spaces, addressing function while creating dramatic and evocative spaces.

Light…..the medium that creates everything, changes the color of our environment…our moods can energize the character of space. Even after the sun goes down, special attention must be paid to the mood, both inside and out, expanding the appreciation of a place.

Rhythm…..and texture form the interplay of elements that enrich and deepen otherwise simple components.

Materials and Sustainability…..Rich materials, honestly and creatively used, become more than the elements that they are, creating the fabric of the space which brings together all the elements above.....meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.

Place….the building and it’s site develop relationships to the external elements,……sun, wind, views, privacy, (and a host of others to consider), as well as creating a place within, such as refuge, entertaining, and the daily functions of each space..... which meets all of the conditions, including….delight.

We strive for stylistic diversity that comes from the project rather than being imposed , contextual in its’ environment, being local and yet responsive to the program of the client. Style, when forced, can become a cage, rather than a direction.